Aetheria is completely free! Donating goes directly to assisting with server costs.

Non-Human Game Automation

Any means giving the player an unfair advantage in Aetheria may not be used.  This includes, but is not limited to, macros, bots, auto-typers, or any solution which allows gameplay while not being present at the keyboard. Use of third party software could put your computer at risk and detracts from the Aetheria experience.

No Real World Trading

Items or currency in Aetheria must only be exchanged or traded for other items/currency/services within the game.  This also includes the purchase of other accounts or payment to increase your character's experience, gear, quest progression, or other attributes.

No Exploiting of Bugs

Any errors or bugs in Aetheria must not be exploited by the player.  Bugs or errors found by a player must be reported via the contact section or on our Discord #bug-reports channel.

No Scamming or Harrassing of Other Players

Asking for players to provide items, passwords, or any other information in a dishonest way is against the rules. Harassing or intentionally picking on a single player to deteriorate their experience in Aetheria is also against the rules. Treat others how you want to be treated.

No Inappropriate Language or Behavior

No Inappropriate Language or Behavior

Language that is considered offensive, racist, obscene, or inappropriate will not be allowed in Aetheria. Please be considerate of all players when using the chat feature in game or in Discord.