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Mar 9

Aetheria Update #18


Below are the patch notes for Aetheria's 18th update. This update includes several balance changes, fixes, and boss updates. Enjoy!


-Azgon's Roar spell now grants a 300 strength bonus, up from 150. The duration for the buff has been reduced to 5 seconds, down from 10.

-Irok's Armor Crush spell now reduces armor by 1000, up from 600. The duration for the buff has been reduced to 5 seconds, down from 10.

-Razorbone now casts Bonespike on the tank every 5 melee attacks.

-Julienne and Grissom now cast Double Strike on the tank every 5 melee attacks.

-Lich Darkmoore now puts a Furious Lich Bomb on the tank instead of a normal Lich Bomb.

-Lich Darkmoore's cast timer has been slightly adjusted to make the final phase of his fight less reliant on luck

-Players will now be invulnerable for 2 seconds after exiting Lich Darkmoore's maze

-Mark of Victory drops have been increased. Bosses in the War Wing now drop 2 marks, and bosses in the Noble Wing now drop 3.

-Increased the range of quest and achievement kill credits for party kills

-Fixed a bug which causes the Potency talent to not grant the proper time increase

-Fixed a bug with Gas Bomb Shot which caused its cooldown to be reduced improperly

-Fixed a bug with the Battle Cry tooltip

-Fixed a bug with the School of Debilitation tooltip


-Mage Balance Changes

**Increased Reflection chance to 8% per point, up from 7%. Incoming damage is reduced by the amount reflected.

**Increased Follow Up chance to 10% per point, up from 8%


-Priest Balance Changes

**Light Barrier now lasts 6 seconds, down from 10

**Light Barrier's cooldown has been reduced to 1 minute, down from 2 minutes


-Warrior Balance Changes

**Way of the Sword's damage increase has been reduced to 3% per point, down from 5%

**Hulking Bash's bonus damage for Sentry Warriors has been reduced to 35%, down from 50%


-Ranger Balance Changes

**Will to Live now grants a 3% damage boost per point when above 90% health


-Assassin Balance Changes

**Anatomist now grants a 20% bonus damage to Heartstrike, per point, up from 10%

**Deadly Throw now applies a separate bleed from Arterial Strike. Heartstrike bonus damage is triggered if either bleed is on the enemy. However, Heartstrike will only refresh the bleed from Deadly Throw

**Violent Tendencies chance to trigger has been increased to 9% per point, up from 7%.

New Posts
  • Jack Marrow has appeared in the town of Redwater and needs your assistance! On his way to do some Halloween spooking, he lost his Tome of Jokes and now the pages are scattered all throughout the world of Aetheria! Take down monsters to help collect his pages and turn them in for fun costume rewards!
  • ​This update will be live August 9th, 2019 at 8:00pm CST ​The final chapter of the Elemental Disparity update is here!  Who is the mastermind behind the corruption of the elemental guardians?  Quest to the deepest parts of the Pinnacle of Elements to find out and save Aetheria from imminent destruction! Content Updates ​​The final two bosses of the Pinnacle of Elements are now accessible with new, powerful loot Added achievements for the new bosses Added quests for the new bosses Added summoning tomes and their recipes for Galva, Incantus, and Obscuras Added improved lifesteal weapons to the game and added their recipes to Pinnacle of Elements boss loot tables Enabled the Diver costumes in Louis's shop in the Sunken Depths Added an achievement for the Sunken Torturer, "Wishful Sinking" ​ Changes and Balance Updates ​​Elemental guardian mirrors will now drop quest items for every player who engaged them in combat Increased base damage of Galva's poison bubbles to 750, up from 500 Slightly reduced inherent resistance bonuses for cloth and leather armor values The priest Sunset talent bonus was reduced to 1% per point, down from 1.5% Buffed the enrage mechanics for Incantus, Galva, and Obscuras The assassin spell, Surge, now grants a defense bonus which reduces all incoming damage by 25% ​ ​ Bug Fixes ​Corrected the text on weapons Ill Omen, Clemence, Requiem, and Soulsliver to "Rage" instead of "Mana" ​Fixed the "Say My Name" achievement to correctly apply the completion bonus Fixed a bug which occasionally ​caused player dialog bubbles to be blank Fixed text for the Vulnerable achievement to read "Grissom" instead of "Grisson"
  • Please see below for changes and fixes for the July 21st update Ferocious Beasts now properly applies to all familiars with Bestial Rage Wild Beasts damage has been reduced to 5% per point, down from 8% Ferocious Beasts damage has been reduced to 8% per point, down from 10% Players, mobs, and familiars can no longer deal damage immediately after death Obscuras, Galva, and Incantus now respawn every 6 hours instead of 12 Obscuras, Galva, and Incantus now drop 2 items on defeat, instead of 3 Obscuras, Galva, and Incantus now drop 1 Mark of Triumph on defeat, instead of 2 Moderators will now have a tag of <M> in front of their name Cooking shop recipes and ingredients have been adjusted to accommodate the fish available in the shop's area